Transparency in All Things, Especially Money!
It’s always been the Canvas culture to be transparent about finances, to never ask for more than we truly need, and to let you know when there is a reason for concern. So as we near the end of fiscal 2021 and prepare for 2022, I want to give you the current state of the Canvas budget.

The 2020 and 2021 Budgets:

As you know, the last two years have been a challenge for everyone. Yet thanks to your support, (some PPP loan forgiveness) and judicious spending, Canvas was able to close 2020 without resorting to our reserves!

As, amidst COVID uncertainty, we set the budget for 2021, the session planned for our standard increases in fixed costs (rent, insurance…), but no other increases to staff, salaries or programs. Even so, as pledges for 2021 were also down from previous years, this required us to approve a deficit budget – a roughly $80,000 gap between what we needed to spend and what we were certain we would receive. The session felt this was a reasonable decision, given the near certainty of receiving a $32,000 PPP loan, alongside our belief that the world would soon emerge from the pandemic and return to “normal” on many fronts, including giving. (I should note that Canvas had operating reserves sufficient to cover the full $80,000 deficit should neither source of revenue come through.)

The Concern for 2022:

As we enter December, however, Canvas finds ourselves in a concerning position. Though the full PPP loan was received and forgiven, as the pandemic has continued, Canvas’s income remains significantly lower than our expenses. Indeed, if income remains steady through the end of the year, Canvas will end 2021 with that $80,000 deficit, in turn depleting our operating reserves to the minimum we need (3 months operating expenses we need for cash-flow purposes). This would further allow us no option of even a small deficit budget in 2022.

The good news is that Canvas has a long tradition of generosity, and our membership remains very healthy – indeed active and growing! Even more importantly, Canvas continues to faithfully carry out our mission with the receipts to prove it. (Our call is to embody the gospel courageously and to trust God will provide the means.)

The Pressing Needs:

Given all this, Canvas clearly has two essential needs. The first is for some generous year-end giving to reduce our projected $80,000 deficit. And the second is for increased pledged giving for 2022.
So today, I am coming to you on behalf of the session asking for three things you can do right now:

Please add these needs to your prayers. Like all our needs, they are in God’s hands, and ultimately God provides what we need.

If you have the means to do so, please seriously consider giving now to Canvas. Perhaps you’ve received a bonus, a bequest, a better than expected income? Maybe you just need to plan your 2021 taxes? We never want to put you in financial distress, but if you have some extra, it would help.

Consider an (increased?) pledge for 2022. If you’ve not pledged before, pledging is a huge way to help us plan. And if you have been pledging the same amount for a while, think about whether you can increase a bit for 2022.

** NOTE that we are not at red alert, but maybe a blinking yellow…

As We Go…

As I mentioned above, Canvas is deeply committed to transparency with finances, so we’ll update this page throughout December 2021 and into early 2022.

As always, so if you have questions about any dimension of giving or spending, please ask. I (Kirk) am happy to talk about any part of Canvas, the theology of money, the discernment of God’s call to give…, whatever is on your mind (just e-mail me here).

For the mechanics of giving (online, Venmo, more complex transactions…) or for a current snapshot of Canvas’s finances, email Debbie.

And for a more detailed overview of the financial picture, the budget, or for technical finance questions, you can e-mail our treasurer, John Bowers.

Thank you for all the support you provide, not just the financial kind. I’m honored to serve the kingdom alongside you!

With love,

Pastor Kirk
(Dec. 9, 2021)