The Lab @ canvas

“Love is the name of the game!”

In a world that loves to play the game Who has the most power, money & influence?, many of us learn at our peril that the game is broken and rigged. It’s designed to teach us to compare ourselves to societal ideals, be suspicious of everyone, and seek to get ahead at any cost. Does anybody ever really win at this game? Is there an alternative?


Here in The Lab, we choose to disrupt what the world has taught us and reimagine a world with Love as the name of the game. In order to do that, we need to confront what we think we know, deconstruct where these views came from, reframe things from a new perspective, and rebuild our understanding with love at the center.

Current Topic: Images of God

In our inaugural session of the Lab, we’re tackling the topic Images of God. For most of western society, our image of God was cemented by painters of the Renaissance: the grey-haired, full-bearded white guy. How have we (as men, women, minorities, and LGBTQ+) been impacted by these images? Our own team of Lab Rats discovered a spectrum of impact from the benign to the oppressive. Could re-examining the image of God change the way we view our faith and the world around us? To find helpful resources and more information on how our Lab Rats have been tackling this topic, click here.

We’ve wrapped up our community events for The Lab @ Canvas. To see our live streams from these events, along with all our other videos, click here.

Become a Lab Rat

As we explore each topic, a devoted group of “Lab Rats” will guide our journey. Our Lab Rats will openly share their personal relationships with the topic, research the topic through a variety of lenses, and discuss what new expressions of love can be gleaned from looking at this topic from different angles. Lab Rats will meet approximately four times over the course of two months, and their journey will be shared with our larger community. You do not need to be a member of Canvas to be a Lab Rat. We very much seek diverse voices from all walks of life. You may have the exact point of view we need to expand our understanding of love!

Check out our Basic Lab Rat Info PDF for more on what it means to be a Lab Rat.

Interested in becoming a Lab Rat? Stay tuned for our next topic.

Join our Community

We want to hear from you! Let us know what topics you want us to explore. Look for our upcoming social posts and videos. Give us feedback on how we’re doing and let us know how you’re exploring the topic. Share your ideas, research, personal stories and creative expressions with us! Join the conversation on social media with #TheLabatCanvas and email us at