Collection 1: Racism in America

From our beginning, Canvas has been committed to the work of continual learning. So that we might more fully participate in Christ’s work of new creation, and the healing of historic wounds and injustices, we are offering this collection of resources and conversations as our first steps toward understanding the topic of systemic racism. This is but a starting point as we will have much more to learn and do. But with humble hearts we set ourselves to the work of greater justice in our world. We hope you will join us in this study and the conversations it inspires.

We encourage you to notice, watch, read, listen, pray, journal and reflect on all that you are experiencing as you engage these resources. Try to spread out the different activities over the course of the week. Be sure to take at least one day to pause, in silence and in reflection. If you have ideas and suggestions to add, please contact us.

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Week One: Why Now?

The Reality of Racism in the 21st Century

Week One Resources will get us started on the journey. We will watch the movie Just Mercy and over the next few weeks, we will read together the book, So, You Want To Talk About Race and gather for conversation about it, as well as the other resources provided.

Week Two: How Did We Get Here?

A History of Racism in the United States

Week Two Resources will help us examine the historical roots of racism in the United States. We will continue our book reading, watch the movie Harriet and listen to the first two episodes of the 1619 Project podcast.

Week Three: How Does Change Happen?

The Civil Rights Movement in America

Week Three Resources will shine a light onto the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Videos, podcasts and writings from leaders and witnesses will help shape the historical narrative and sharpen our understanding.

Week Four: Where do we go from here?

Systemic Racism Today

Week Four Resources will bring us to the important and hopeful question: What’s next and what is our role in bringing about the change we long for in our community? We will conclude our book club selection and explore contemporary voices aimed at moving us toward reconciliation and healing.