We asked…

We asked…

And you responded so generously!

Dear Canvas Family,

Words will fail me as I try to express my overwhelming gratitude for your incredible support for the mission of Canvas.

We came to you in December with a “must have” budget of $287,000, and a “could really use at least” budget of 300,000.  Here is how you responded:

  • • $219,000 in commitments from 37 households,
  • • $50,000 in anticipated grants, and
  • $71,000 anticipated from those who did not fill out commitment cards
  • $340,000 in total income expected!

And not only that, but because of your faithfulness in 2013, we were able to end the 2013 fiscal year just over $100,000 in operating cash!  (This gives us the necessary stability to meet the ebbs and flows of ministry and is a tremendous blessing!)

For all your generosity, I don’t know what to say other than:  THANK YOU!  Your trust, dedication and willingness to invest your resources is one of the boldest statements of commitment to a mission I have ever seen.  And with the financial strength  you have provided, we are able to meet our biggest immediate need:  bringing Tonia Burge to full-time status!

Canvas could not do what we do without someone ensuring we are properly attending to all of the matters essential to a healthy organization.  From managing our finances to coordinating volunteers to ensuring our legal and ecclesiastical compliance to being our Chief Hospitality Officer, Tonia makes the rest of our life together possible.  And there is no way I could do my work without her.  Thank you for the gift letting her give all her professional attention to Canvas!

For now, we plan to keep all other expenses at basically their 2013 levels.  We are in the process of hiring someone to fill Chris Kernutt’s role in leading the band and helping to coordinate Sunday morning worship.  We will hire at the same hours and rate we paid Chris.  My salary will remain unchanged.  And we have some modest increases in things like Family Ministry and High School as well as a little in utilities and such.

And, as always, if you have any questions about Canvas, our finances or our budget, we encourage you to ask!  We are committed to complete financial transparency and you will always be able to know exactly where your money is going.  (You may contact meTonia or Norman Gordon [treasurer] at any time.)

But the main point is that, because of YOU, we can move into 2014 with the resources we need to maintain our health while we expand God’s project of salvation in our world.  For that I am grateful beyond measure and so incredibly blessed to be your pastor.

With thanksgiving to God and to you!,