Prayer Made Easy, Starting Today!

Prayer Made Easy, Starting Today!

OK…that may be a slight overstatement (insofar as prayer involves bringing our most intimate selves into direct contact with God, “easy” is probably not the word that comes to mind!).

But the more we pray, the more natural and flowing our relationship with God becomes. (Yes, such a relationship with God really is possible!) And thus the importance of building a habit of prayer – making contact with God a regular part of our daily life.

And there is no better tool for building the habit of prayer than the daily office – i.e., joining in the “official” prayers and readings of the church for the day. (You can hear my larger spiel on the daily office here.)

And there is no better time to begin the habit of the daily office than today. Literally.  Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016 is the first Sunday in Advent (the liturgical season that leads up to Christmas) and is thus the first day of the Christian New Year (FYI – we are entering lectionary Year A, daily office Year 1; that will make sense as you get started…)

For me, Advent is always the easiest time to renew my habit of prayer, especially through the daily office. The readings during Advent are very familiar, the season lends itself to closeness with God and others, and we are often surrounded by music, sights and smells that prompt reflection.  If you’ve ever wanted a more intimate connection with God, now is the perfect time to begin!

Know nothing of the office or the Book of Common Prayer? No problem! I wrote a Quick Start Guide to the Daily Office that will walk you through it!

And until recently, there was a free daily e-mail service that would deliver the office to your in-box. But sadly they have ended that project.  So current, best solution is to download the daily office app from Mission St. Clare it is available free of charge for both iOS and Android). It offers both morning and evening offices in contemporary language and is a great way to always have the office with you.

I have have earned any credibility with you, take a chance and give the office a try through Advent. Developing the habit of prayer has changed my life, and I began with the office. It’s a practice that dates to pre-Christian Judaism and would have been a regular part of Jesus’s life. If it worked for him…