A Rule for Lent 2016


RULE, n.
  (from Lt. regula, “pattern” or “model”);

In classical Christianity, rule describes a set of commitments or exercises one embraces for the sake of growing to maturity in Christ. 

Classically rule always centers on the three-fold practice of:  worship (incl. sacraments), daily office and, personal prayer.

Adaptable to context, rule is intended to be practiced in community.


Will you join us  in a Canvas family rule for Lent?

While the common tradition is to “give something up” during Lent, the truth is that – for many of us – the focus quickly becomes centered more on deprivation than on generosity (and me without coffee or chocolate is good for no one!).

For more productive for me is spending that same energy on developing my positive habits of prayer and compassion.  And given our extensive work in spiritual formation over the last year, what do you say we take our first collective go at establishing a “rule”?  (What’s a rule and why have one?  Click here.)

Here is what a number of us at Canvas have already committed to between now and Easter:

  1. Attending worship every Sunday
  2. Praying a form of the office once per day (quick instructions here).
  3. During the office, specifically praying for the 3 people on our Theophilus Map.
  4. Spending 15 minutes twice per week in personal prayer (i.e., the stuff we talked about in Loving God 401, Parts 2-8).
  5. Once per day, practicing (“actual”) recollection – that is stoping for 3 minutes and asking: “Where is God in this moment?” Is there an expression of love for me?  A call to extend love to another?

Want all for your mobile device or to print onto…what’s it called again…?  Paper!  Here’s the .PDF of our rule.

Share the Love?

When you have a moment of loving God, yourself or another – if it won’t wreck the moment – share it with the Canvas family on Instagram. Just tag your photo with BOTH: #godselfother AND #canvas.

The magic elves who run the internet will find your photo and add it to our Share the Love gallery.

After all, the way we make love the  name of our game is by changing our habits (slowly). Each time we share an image (whether we are the one creating the photo or looking at it), we are taking time to notice love’s presence and power to transform.

A single photo rarely changes the world. Countless people pausing regularly to pay attention to love – that just might…
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