Paul's Letter to the Church in Rome...


...literally changed the course of history. With intellectual genius and heartfelt love, the Apostle Paul articulates how all the pieces of the biblical story fit together - from humanity's first sin, to the atonement accomplished on the cross, to the mission of the church. Though brilliantly philosophical (and one of the great works of world literature), Romans is ultimately a passionate revelation of the divine faithfulness and how it is that - in Jesus - God has saved the world.

Date PreachedTitleAudio Link
1-14-2018Part -3: Introducing Paul the ZealotClick Here
1-21-2018Part -2: Paul the SaintClick Here
1-28-2018Part -1: Paul the Apostle to the GentilesClick Here
2-4-2018Part 0: A Kingdom and an EmpireClick Here
2-11-2018Part 1: A Slave to King JesusClick Here
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