The ultimate goal of verbal prayer is “colloquy” – praying with our own voice, (vs. giving voice to words that we “should” pray or a “good Christian” would pray, or our mentors pray...). The hope is that we find the words to say what we need to say and can receive from God the words he seeks to express.

Date PreachedTitleAudio
September 6, 2015Loving God 301, Part 15: For the Sake of Your PrayersClick Here
August 30, 2015Part 14: Teach Us to Pray???Click Here
August 23, 2015Part 13: A Short Course in Hanging On…Click Here
August 16, 2015 Part 12: A Short Lesson in PleadingClick Here
August 9, 2015Part 11: Honesty in Expression is Love in ActionClick Here
August 2, 2015Part 10: Expressing TrustClick Here
July 26, 2015Part 9: Honestly TemptedClick Here
July 19, 2015Part 8: Expressing AngerClick Here
July 12, 2015Part 7: Expressing AweClick Here
July 5, 2015Part 6: Prayers from the Whirlwind Click Here
June 21, 2015Part 5: Prayers fro Bizzaro WorldClick Here
June 14, 2015Part 4: Giving Voice to DoubtClick Here
June 7, 2015Part 3: Expressing FearClick Here
May 31, 2015Part 2: Expressing Praise!Click Here
May 24, 2015Part 1: Finding Your VoiceClick Here

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