Worshipping Together:
Creating Space for Contact with God

Of all the things I love about Canvas – and there are many! – one of the best is our recognition that worship is a gift.

For too long, worship has been seen as an obligation – a sort of means by which obedient servants pay the required homage to their lord. And while God is surely worthy of honor, it is not for his sake that we offer it (as though God’s glory would be diminished if the church stopped singing).

core4_1Rather, worship is God’s gift to us. It is God’s fulfillment of the promise that where two or three are gathered, Jesus is present with us. And in that presence we are nurtured, healed and transformed.

When we need God, we do not have to journey to a distant land, we do not have to perform the proper ceremony or offer the expected gifts, we need only come together as the body of Christ. And thus, worship is also our gift to each other. Providing the space for worship, joining together in prayer, singing together, sharing the sacraments, hearing the scriptures…these are essential elements to human flourishing that we can only create together.

Core4_2And as we create the space for worship, we give a gift to the world. We make it possible for others to find God in a way they can’t on their own.

As we gather in worship we become the physical family of God to which people experience the welcome of their Father. We become the voice by which God is heard. And we demonstrate the vitality that comes through embodying Jesus’s mission of salvation.

I, truly, cannot put to words how incredibly proud I am of your ability to see worship in this way. And I am so grateful to be a part of this worshipping family.

With love and thanksgiving!


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