Inspiring Creativity

canvas_creative1When the Apostle John was called to describe the kingdom of God in its fullness, the only language available to him was that of metaphor and symbol: streets of gold, trees of life, an endless light…

To be a citizen of heaven is to see beyond the present, to envision – indeed to passionately labor and sacrifice for – a world that is coming. It is to be a person of divine imagination.

Thus the care for imagination is central to the Canvas identity – the inspiration of creativity and beauty is a core value that we live out with a practical dedication to the arts.

canvas_creative2This week marks our 1 year anniversary of Concerts@Canvas – providing space for incredible musicians from literally all over the world to share their art and inspire others. It is a profound way in which we can

better the world with the gifts we have been given. And 2016 will see only more of these amazing events!

We also – of course – make regular trips to museums and other cultural events (Shakespeare at UCI, anyone???) to be inspired by the talents of others.

And in the inspiration, we find the courage to do a little creating ourselves. Sometimes such creativity takes the form of making our own visual or musical art. But the creativity that matters most is making our unique contribution to the world that God is bringing into being!

canvas_creative3As your pastor, I could not be more grateful for your commitment to inspiration, beauty and the process of creativity. It is an investment that pays obvious dividends in the moment, but which will bear the fruit of love and restoration a thousandfold as God’s plan of new creation unfolds before us!


With much love and endless gratitude (and just a hint of pride in you),


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