Did You Know?

Presbyterian congregations are funded entirely by local donations and not by the national church?

Unlike some national non-profit organizations, in which the local expression is funded by donations given to the national headquarters (e.g., the Red Cross, United Way…) Presbyterian congregations are supported directly by local contributions.  Those congregations then pool resources to fund the national organization (the PCUSA) to multiply our efforts.  A good parallel would be something like NPR or PBS – donors give to their local station and those stations then pool their funds to create a national organization that can make use of those “economies of scale” we learned about in econ class.


Donations to Canvas are tax-deductible?

As part of the Presbyterian Church USA, Canvas is a registered 501c(3) non-profit corporation.  That basically means that donations are considered charitable contributions for tax purposes and entirely tax deductible.  If you give online (link) you can download a statement at any time.  If you give by means of check or electronic banking, we will send you a year-end contribution statement for your tax records. And you are welcome to call and request a contribution statement at any time.


Giving feels great?

That giving feels better than keeping is a bit counter-intuitive, especially in a culture in which “more” seems like the goal and when “financial security” feels like the best kind of security.  But the truth is that love is the only true satisfaction and security is not found in a bank account but in God and in a community of people who love you back.  And the surest path to love and community is compassion.  The more we shape our lives in true generosity to others, the more full we become (a strange alchemy in which the more we give the more it turns out we have).  Generosity is scary at first.  And all of us take baby steps in anything new.  But take a risk and find out!  If Canvas’ mission (inviting everyone to find their way of making the world a better place!) is one you think is important, lend some financial support.  We bet you feel richer in the end.


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