Continual Learning…

core2_1Read most church mission statements and you will quickly find the word teaching. And for good reason. It is the duty of the church to pass on the historic content of our faith.

We at Canvas take this responsibility incredibly seriously. And it’s why we devote such time and attention to teaching well and to making that instruction broadly available.

Core3_2Indeed, Canvas’s “audience” extends far beyond Orange County. Kirk’s podcast alone has been downloaded – from Australia to Zimbabwe – more than 130,000 times!

Yet with all this dedication to teaching, Canvas’s stated core value is “continual learning.” For this simple reason: Teaching tends to assume the answers are known, and it is the job of one party to impart “truth” to the other.


Learning acknowledges that we never stop growing, and humbly recognizes that the fullness of Truth will always exceed our grasp. We are always in the process of understanding. And there is no subject of study, no source of knowledge that does not contribute. Thus Canvas actively studies traditionally “Christian” subjects (theology, scripture…), right alongside art, music, literature, science…

Left: Adrian’s awesome, 3-part History of Church Music

And it’s why questions are so important to us. Our Jesus at 7PM events at local pubs and coffee houses are designed to take authentic theological conversation out into the public square. Sometimes there are answers. Always there is engaging, open-hearted, insightful reflection.


And the highest compliment we get (truly) from new-comers, passers-by and eavesdroppers is that they’ve never heard “a more sincere, gracious conversation about religion.” That makes my month!

Right: Our last Jesus at 7PM. We ran out of chairs.

And it’s YOU that makes this possible! Your investment in Canvas, from your finances to your openness, flexibility and desire to grow, has created this community.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the incredible gift of this expression of the church of Jesus!


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