Authentic, Loving Community

As you hopefully saw in our “Finance Update” email the other day, Canvas is in a wonderful place. Not just financially, but far more importantly, in terms of our health and the living out of our core values.

Every church has to make decisions about how they will invest their time and resources. Do we create a menu of programs and committees that require loads of member participation? Or do we limit our level of “church commitment” (time spent on campus doing religious stuff) so that we can spend that time and energy “out there” with each other and with the world? How proud I am of the Canvas family for choosing the latter!

We say it constantly: Love is the name of the game. And throughout 2015, our commitment to authentic, loving community has been obvious. From our growing small groups, to family lunches after worship, to picnics in the yard…investing in each other is a choice we are making well.

As we move into the fall and reflect on 2015, I want to express my incredible joy and gratitude for all you have done to make this core value a reality. Thank you for your commitment to Canvas and to the mission we have been called to undertake.

And if you have stories to share about how the community you are building at Canvas is making a difference in your life, your vocation or your connection to God, please let me know (no hiding lights under baskets)!

Grateful to be your pastor,

Not in a small group?

smallgroup2To busy people, the mere mention of a small group can sound like “one more thing”…

But the wonderful thing about love is that it adds energy rather than diminishing it. And few decisions will mean more to your happiness and wellbeing than building deep, authentic friendships – which are what small groups at Canvas are all about.

If you are not in a small group and would be willing to give it a try, please let us know. We will work to get you connected and provide whatever resources you need.

Love only happens in relationship. So let Canvas help love be the name of your game.


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