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Don Alder
Saturday, October 21st at 7:30pm

Don Alder is one of those acoustic guitar magicians that leaves you wondering, “How is he making all that sound?!” He is a singer songwriter, story teller, performer and an acoustic virtuoso. His shows are jaw dropping, heart-warming and highly memorable. Alder has won many of the top guitar contests in the world, been featured in many guitar magazines and both of his previous CD releases garnered him 4 nominations for instrumental artist of the year. Lee Ritenour, eighteen-time Grammy winning guitarist says, “Alder is one of the most original guitarists I’ve ever seen.” Ray Danials, Manager of Rush says, “Alder is a guitarist that should be famous around the world.”Alder continues to inspire audiences and guitarists wherever he goes.To check out he website, go to

To preview his music, click on the songs below:

Down to a Minute (with Harp Guitar)

Sophrosyne (Fingerstyle Acoustic)


Doors open: 7:00PM
Concert: 7:30pm
Bring your friends!
Come, relax, bring food or drinks to share and enjoy the music!


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